New Zealand Blackcurrant Juice
Concentrate (BRIX 65)

A Fruit Juice Concentrate Perfect for a Wide Range of Uses

The deep purple colour, rich flavor and aroma of New Zealand Blackcurrant juice concentrate make it ideal for producing delicious and nutritious beverage products popular with consumers.

New Zealand Blackcurrant juice concentrate can be used on its own or mixed with other fruits. It is a perfect ingredient for a variety of juices, cordials, and yogurt.

Processed Fresh Immediately After Harvest

New Zealand Blackcurrant juice concentrate is made from fruit frozen immediately after harvest. Still naturally fresh, New Zealand Blackcurrant are then thawed, pressed into juice, pasteurized, and filtered. The juice is then evaporated to form a concentrate of 65 Brix, a measure of natural sugar content.

New Zealand Blackcurrant aroma is also separated and reduced in the manufacturing process and can be packed separately or recombined depending on our customer’s wish.

Product Size

  • 200 litre steel drum with a food-grade plastic liner, average net weight 260 kg
  • 20 litre jerry can, average net weight 25 kg

For more detailed specifications, please contact us.