New Zealand Blackcurrant
Single Strength Juice

Aromatic Flavor and Excellent Nutritional Value

The beautiful deep purple colour and unique and fragrant flavour and aroma of New Zealand Blackcurrant are signs of the excellent nutritional value found in New Zealand Blackcurrant Single Strength Juice.

Popular with consumers, New Zealand Blackcurrant Single Strength Juice is also compatible with other fruits and is widely used for mixed juices, sports drinks, nutritional beverages, and much more.

Packed Fresh

New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative Single Strength Juice is made from freshly harvested fruit or frozen fruit. The method of production captures and retains the best of New Zealand Blackcurrant’ flavor and nutritional value.  The juice is produced by pressing the fruit, which is then separated from the skins and seeds, pasteurized, filtered and packaged. It is available frozen at -18oC or in aseptic packs that can be stored at room temperature.

Product Size

  • 200 litre steel drum with multi-wall food grade plastic liner

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