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Jaffmac Corporation

Jaffmac Corporation produces a variety of fermented foods along with a number of other products aimed to support Japan’s aging population. We develop and manufacture our products at our factory in Chiba, the Natural Yeast Research Institute. New Zealand Blackcurrants from the New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative is the main ingredient in their fermented Cassis drink along with beet sugar.

Japan Cassis Association

The Japan Cassis Association is comprised of growers, producers, and researchers interested in the promotion of and learning about Cassis. Their activities focus on preventing eye disease by ingesting Cassis, enjoying Cassis scent and color, and establishing the Cassis industry with a focus on improving the health of the Japanese population by the consumption of Cassis.

Products using New Zealand Blackcurrants that you can purchase include:


Jaffmac Corporation, located in Tokyo, produces a variety of fermented foods and beverages using traditional fermentation technology. One of Jaffmac Corporation’s most popular products is natural  fermented cassis beverage using New Zealand Blackcurrants.  Jaffmac Corporation ferments New Zealand Blackcurrants for a long period of time with natural yeast, and high-quality sugar made from Hokkaido beets. Because no preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances are used, it can be enjoyed with confidence.

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BeLEGEND Whey Protein Veryberry Flavor

beLEGEND Whey Protein Veryberry Flavor is the ideal whey protein to enhance athletic performance. Combining New Zealand Blackcurrants powder and powders from other berries, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 with protein and amino acids, it is a delicious, high quality beverage that is an inexpensive and easy way to improve strength and performance. For four years, beLEGEND has been awarded the Monde Selection’s Gold Award, affirming its reputation for quality. It is also a certified product of the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA), so athletes can drink it with confidence.  The Veryberry flavor is tangy, refreshing, and revitalizing. For more information, please visit this page.

Hirosakiya Cassis Jam

Hirosakiya Cassis Jam sources its ingredients from Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan for a unique taste of the region and combines these with New Zealand Blackcurrants and Manuka Honey, for a great taste.  The jam contains no added pectin or artificial flavorings. It is made by slow cooking Cassis and Manuka Honey in small batches and is perfect on bread or mixed with yoghurt or even by itself on a spoon!

Available at the official webpage, Hirosakiya Jam can also be found at Kaldi Coffee Farm stores.

There are a number of other healthy and delicious New Zealand Blackcurrants products. Please look for these recommended items and try them to experience the taste and nutritional benefits of New Zealand Blackcurrants!

Junzosen Blackcurrant 150

Please see the official website for more information.

For more information regarding each product, please contact each manufacturer and dealer directly.

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