Our Partners

Non-commercial partners

The New Zealand Institute of Plant and Food Research.

Plant and Food Research are our New Zealand science partner, providing us with the science to support the use of New Zealand Blackcurrants in functional foods, beverages and supplements.

Japan Cassis Association

The Japan Cassis Association is comprised of growers, producers, and researchers interested in the promotion of, and learning about, Blackcurrants (Cassis) in Japan. Their activities focus on establishing the Blackcurrant industry in Japan with a focus on improving the health of the Japanese population by the consumption of blackcurrants.

Commercial partners

2before Performance Nutrition

A natural food system made from Adaptive™ New Zealand Blackcurrants. Adaptive™ New Zealand Blackcurrants have a unique polyphenol anthocyanin combination that triggers your body’s defense systems to prime for peak performance and optimize for training adaptation. 2before™ reaches maximum saturation in the blood 2 hours after consumption, meaning optimum cellular priming occurs during these first 2 hours.