New Zealand Blackcurrant ADAPTIVE™ Branding

The New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative (NZBC), in conjunction with the New Zealand Institute of Plant and Food Research (PFR), have developed the ADAPTIVE™ branding to support the development of functional ingredients and consumer ready products containing New Zealand Blackcurrants.

Market support

1. The uniqueness of New Zealand Blackcurrant anthocyanins

NZBC has now focussed its market support information on the uniqueness and health benefits of the anthocyanins in New Zealand Blackcurrants. This gives potential market partners the opportunity to use New Zealand Blackcurrants to develop functional health products differentiated from competing products, particularly those targeted at the lucrative antioxidant market, and supported by quality science.

New Zealand Blackcurrants contain two prominent anthocyanins, cyanidins and delphinidins. Cyanidins give fruits and berries their red colour, and delphinidins their blue colour. The combination of these two anthocyanins in New Zealand Blackcurrants gives them their distinct purple colour at an intensity not seen in other commonly consumed fruits and berries.

Current scientific and marketing messaging for the basis of consuming fruit and especially berries containing anthocyanins, is based on the dogma that on consumption the anthocyanins enter the circulation and act directly as antioxidants, improving health by scavenging toxic free radicals at a cellular level. However, new research is challenging this.  The New Zealand Institute of Plant and Food Research (PFR) has recently shown that the unique ratio of anthocyanins in New Zealand Blackcurrants activates cell signaling molecules such as nrf2.  Once activated nrf2 up regulates a portfolio of endogenous cell antioxidant and other protective and defense systems. The activation of nrf2-dependent antioxidant protective and defense systems by New Zealand Blackcurrants ADAPTS and improves the body so that it can handle the stresses of everyday living, the stresses associated with an active lifestyle and the stresses of aging.

2. Branding

The ADAPTIVE™ branding describes the mechanism of action of the New Zealand Blackcurrant anthocyanins helping the body ADAPT to life’s stresses, whether that is through an active lifestyle or aging.  The logo associated with this branding is:

This logo tells the story of the combination of the red and blue cyanidin and delphinidin anthocyanins giving the characteristic dark purple colouring of New Zealand Blackcurrants, and the ADAPTIVE™ word.  This logo has been registered as a trademark in Japan, USA and New Zealand, and will be registered globally as market partners in other countries are identified.

PFR is the owner of the ADAPTIVE™ brand and NZBC has the exclusive rights to sub-license the branding to companies who wish to support their product development and marketing of ingredients and finished products.

Benefits of using the ADAPTIVE™ brand

  1. Opportunity for the brand user to tell a story with a distinct point of difference to other antioxidant and fruit/berry offerings.
  2. Opportunity for the exclusive use of the ADAPTIVE™ brand and logo at NZBC’s discretion.
  3. Ability for a consumer to independently verify integrity and quality of the product via PFR supported consumer awareness of the ADAPTIVE™ brand.
  4. ADAPTIVE™ branded products will bask in the halo effect of NZBC communication to consumers of the health benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants, particularly through media attention on new New Zealand Blackcurrant research outcomes.

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